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Security has different meanings for different people. However, most would probably agree that the idea of security means feeling safe in your surroundings. At Ruppert Detective Agency LLP, we understand the anxiety that many of you experience in today's world. As such, we offer a variety of security and investigation services in York, PA, to put your mind at ease. We also provide:


  • Warehouse & Property

  • School Residency Investigation

  • Missing Person Search

  • Process Service

  • High-Risk Termination Protection


Discreet Security and Investigation Services in York, PA

Surveillance - York, PA
Warehouse and Property


Our team of professional security officers and veteran law enforcement officers offer guard and protection services for buildings, construction sites, special events, and more. 



R.D.A. has a team of professional investigators made up of previous law enforcement personnel. We bring the experience and expertise to any investigation needs you may have. We work with attorneys, businesses, and the public on a wide range of investigative issues.

School Residency Investigations


Many school districts have seen a rise in false leases and residency issues designed to have a student from one school district enrolled in a different school. This becomes a burden to taxpayers and costs many districts thousands of dollars per student. R.D.A. has experience in working with schools to determine proper residency and district placement professionally and discreetly.



Does the person you met at a restaurant or an online dating site seem too good to be true? Let us help you find out. Check-UR-Date is designed to find the information you need to feel more secure and informed. Call us for details.

Background Checks


Let R.D.A. take care of your background checks for your hiring needs. We can provide several levels of checks ranging from standard background checks to more in-depth investigations involving interviews and contacting neighbors, relatives, and former work associates.

The Need to Know

Sometimes you achieve a feeling of security by acquiring knowledge about people you know. We offer discreet investigations, background checks, surveillance, and fingerprinting to give you the answers you need. Did you recently meet someone online, went on a date, and they seem too good to be true? Contact us to find out for you.

Missing Persons


Let the experienced R.D.A team find a missing relative or family member.



We have the experienced personnel to handle discreet and professional surveillance services for a wide range of needs. We work with individuals, Insurance companies, attorneys, and businesses to find the information you are looking for.

Process Service


R.D.A. is a proud member of the National Association of Professional Process Servers.We can serve your legal process papers in a timely and professional manner. We have an on-site notary and can provide "Mobile Notary" services if necessary.



Let R.D.A. take care of your non-criminal fingerprinting needs. Parents can also have their children fingerprinted for safety concerns. We can come to you if you prefer.

High-Risk Terminations


Although the termination of an employee is never easy, R.D.A. has the security personnel you need in those rare cases where safety issues for employees and staff are a real concern.We can assist in developing a safety plan as well as provide capable,trained personnel to assist if necessary.

Personal Protection


We have trained personnel that can provide bodyguard and protection services for individuals, their residence, or business locations. We can supply both armed and unarmed needs as required.

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